Women who inspire me – dziewczyny.tech

„Dziewczyny” means „girls” in Polish language. On this page you can find a portraits of the girls in tech that inspire me every single day of my professional journey. I will publish a new name every Sunday.

Rana el Kaliouby is a co-founder and CEO of Affectiva, Deputy CEO at Smart-Eye and Emotional Artificial Intelligence Pioneer. I strongly recommend her book „Girl Decoded” which describes her professional and life journey. You can also watch one of her inspirational talks: video 1, video 2.
Nadia Piet describes herself as a „Designer & researcher focused on AI/ML, data, digital culture & the human condition mediated through computing”. She is founder of a great and very inspiring community AI x Design. She has created AI Ideation Card Deck which can be helpful when you look for a AI solution ideas.
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