Welcome to my portfolio

I have broad experience, especially in UX Research. I have conducted hundreds of research sessions, dozens of workshops, and many research lessons and courses. I am also a team-builder and lecturer with a real UX passion. The detailed portfolio is coming soon…

Selected case studies

A generative research case study
Coming soon…

An evaluative research case study
Coming soon…

A field research case study
Coming soon…

UX Research in-house labs
I have built, set up and optimized
3 in-house UX Research laboratories. Detailed story is coming soon…

Experience Night 2016 conference
I was co-organizer of the conference in 2016 in Warsaw/Poland.
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I have conducted dozens of workshops
with clients, users, stakeholders. Detailed case study is coming soon…

Rzeczywiste Doświadczenia
I am founder of a first polish non-profit UX organization.
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UX Teams Leader
12 people in my current UX team,
5 members in the previous one…
The detailed story is coming soon…

UX Research Studies Lecturer
I am lecturer on SWPS University on UX/Product Design postgraduate studies.

Conferences and publications

UX Poland (2019)
Closing keynote about non-profit project for social good (Badamy Geny).
Watch the video (PL)

WUD Krakow (2018)
Presentation about connection between UX and activism.
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E-book about usability testing
E-book dedicated to the beginners,
step-by-step instruction.
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UX on NGOs’ websites (2015)
Online article (PL) about good practice on NGOs’ websites.
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UX and e-commerce (2014)
Online article (PL) about good design practices in e-commerces.
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The civil society and climate change (2013)
Article in the „Spectrum” magazine.
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